The Smart World Center leverages expert knowledge and relationships for the benefit of its clients. Our clients seek ideas, inspiration and innovations from advanced technology producers, from their own customers, and from within their own industry and organizations. By coordinating high-level exchanges of strategic knowledge among technology producers, innovators, and end-users, the Center shortens and sharpens its clients’ strategic decision process. Known for small, focused, cost-effective Think Tank Sessions, The Center delivers timely insights into emerging technologies and developing trends that saves its clients’ time, money, and resources. Clients often need a facilitated neutral forum to discuss and weigh options for strategic moves — be they within their own organization or within their industry. The Center provides options to showcase new technologies and solutions to end-users in a non-sales setting.

Our clients are innovators and leaders in their own industry.

We deliver to them:

  • Time- and cost- effective knowledge that complements their strategic research
  • Customer intelligence that validates their strategic product planning, market launches
  • Insights from targeted industries that provide competitive advantage for planning and partnering
  • Opportunities to explore crucial partnerships to move ahead of the market
  • Showcasing of new solutions and of their own leadership to a community of innovators and early adopters.
  • Engaging our Services
  • Companies, organizations and governments engage the services of the Center on a for-fee basis. Custom sessions outside of the following forms may be coordinated, with prices adjusted accordingly.
  • Think Tank Sessions: $9,400 – 17,800
    Gleaning cost- and time-effective strategic intelligence in a neutral environment. Price depends on the scope and breadth of the session (particularly with regard to recruitment of participants). Generally these sessions are with a maximum of 25 participants for a duration of 4 – 8 hours.
  • Market Leadership Sessions: $2500 – $4900
    Promoting product, vision, and thought leadership to a community of innovators and early adopters.
  • Custom sessions for strategic planning: Priced upon request.